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The University of Massachusetts Medical School Dermatology Residency Program began in 1991. Since that time, we have trained some outstanding individuals who have already contributed greatly to the specialty of dermatology. We pride ourselves in our collegiality, our team-based approach to learning, our leadership opportunities and our high placement into various fellowships and into academics. We are very committed to our resident education and do our best to support the career interests of our residents.

Wiss 3Practicing primarily at one ambulatory site allows our residents to maintain continuity of care for their patients (95% of clinics are "continuity clinics"), an important element of the program's success. As a result,  our residents are extremely well-prepared to enter academic or private practice when they have completed their training. Our collegial group with diverse faculty interests create an ideal training environment.

The academic offices are located at the UMass Memorial Health Care Hahneman Campus. Clinics are held at the Hahnemann Campus and in the Ambulatory Care Center at the University Campus and at Clinton Hospital. Residents see inpatient consultations at the two hospitals -  the University and Memorial Campuses of UMMHC. Each resident spends mornings one month per year in the dermatopathology office on the Biotech Campus adjacent to the University Campus. The academic offices contain the Jeffrey D. Bernhard Library with a multiheaded micrscope, high definition projections, and numerous texbooks.

UMass Dermatology is committed to providing outstanding and equitable care to all patients in our very diverse community and to ensuring that all members of our community are treated with respect. We are enriched by equity, diversity, and inclusivity, and we reject racism, discrimination, and violence.  We are working to educate ourselves so that we can provide dermatologic care that honors equity across race, ethnic background, gender, and sexuality.  We aim to train residents from diverse experiences, backgrounds, faiths, and genders to help meet the healthcare needs of our entire patient population. We have a holistic approach to residency selection that focuses on the individual and we look for those most likely to contribute in meaningful ways to our specialty in the future. We are striving to create a provider group that reflects the immense diversity of our patient population and the communities we serve inside and outside of central Massachusetts.

General medical and pediatric dermatology clinics, phototherapy center, laser center, dermatologic surgical center, library/conference room, resident offices, falculty offices.


  • UMass Memorial Health Care, Hahnemann Campus
  • UMass Memorial Health Care, University Campus
  • UMass Memorial Health Care, Memorial Campus
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School
  •  UMass Memorial Clinton Hospital

Directions to each of the UMass Campuses are available online at


General medical and pediatric dermatology clinics, phototherapy center, laser center, dermatologic surgery center, library/conference room, resident offices, faculty offices.

Residency Staff

Esmeralda Valois
Esmeralda Valois
Residency & Fellowship Coordinator


Maureen LaVigne
Administrative Secretary


Patricia Begin
Sr. Executive Admin.

Dermatology Main Office
 UMMHC, Hahnemann Campus 
281 Lincoln Street
Worcester, MA 01605
Phone: 508-334-5979