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Lab Members

Neil Aronin Neil Aronin, MD (PI)

Kathryn Chase Kathryn Chase (Lab Manager, Senior Research Scientist)
Research Projects: In vivo modifiers of HD pathology. Safety and immune responses following long-term administration of siRNAs and artificial miRNAs in the mammalian brain.
Lori Kennington Lori Kennington (Research Associate)
Research Projects: RNAi in cell culture and mouse models of HD. Alternative strategies for allele specific silencing of mutant huntingtin.
Edith Pfister Edith Pfister (Project Manager, Postdoctoral Associate)
Research Projects: Development and optimization of RNAs to silence human huntingtin, Allele-specific targeting of human huntingtin. Delivery and processing of small RNAs in the mammalian brain.
Erica Mondo Erica Mondo (Research Technician)
Research Projects: Spread, safety, and neuronal uptake of different serotypes of AAV in sheep brain.
Lauren Hall Lauren Hall (Research Technician)
Research Projects: Purification and characterization of exosomes for siRNA delivery and KD of huntingtin. Quantification of human htt expression using qPCR for ROS experiments in primary neurons.
Emily Sotosanti Emily Sottosanti (Research Technician)
Research Projects: In vivo bioluminescent screening of RNAi silencing in the mammalian brain.
Emily Johnson Emily Johnson (Research Technician)
Research Projects: Immune response to siRNA/miRNA in the brain. Regulated expression of artificial miRNAs.
Wanzhao Liu Wanzhao Liu, Ph.D. (Instructor)
Research Projects: Steady-state levels of mutant and normal Huntingtin mRNA in HD patients.
Lindsay Romo Lindsay Romo (MD/PhD Candidate)
Research Projects: Characterization of microRNA profiles in Huntington’s mouse models and human Huntington’s brains. Identification and confirmation of allele-specific microRNA targeting of Huntingtin. Development of microRNA vectors to target mutant Huntingtin.