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Alumni Testimonials

Hilary Hott- I received great training at UMass. The faculty really are what make this anesthesiology residency. The balance of supervision and autonomy prepared me well for cardiac fellowship. The patient population has complex pathology and learning to manage sick cardiac, vascular, trauma, pediatric, and liver transplant cases was an invaluable experience. 

Rose Schack- I am so grateful to have completed my residency training at UMass. Throughout my training, I was exposed to such a large volume of complex and diverse cases and patients which helped me gain the skills and confidence I needed to become an anesthesiologist. My absolute favorite thing about training at UMass, however, were the clinical faculty who taught me so much and made learning every day possible. Now, each time I do something the way I was taught at UMass it makes me smile and reminds me of all the wonderful teachers I had in residency.