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Family Support

We recognize that early-stage researchers benefit significantly from symposia in their field and face some notable barriers to attendance including those researchers with families (with children and/or elderly family members in their care). These researchers face a dilemma as they struggle to attend key meetings and further their careers while finding care for their family. To address this challenge, we have implemented the following to help make it easier for those researchers to attend our meeting. Please email if you have more suggestions or will require other resources while on-site at our meeting. We will do our best to accommodate your suggestions.

  • Family Support Awards: we have financial support awards available to help offset the costs for childcare (or eldercare) while attending our symposium, or to enable a caregiver to accompany you to the meeting to assist with childcare. Click here for details on how to apply.

  • During the symposium:
    • Dedicated Mother's Rooms (please email to let us know if you might require this during the symposium so we can ensure enough availability for everyone)

      • Privacy: Only those given pass card access can enter the room. When someone is in the room a red light outside the room will indicate that it is “occupied.”

      • Equipment: The rooms are equipped with hospital grade Medela Symphony breast pumps. We will have refrigerators to store expressed milk (with labels please). Please bring labels and pump adaptors/accessories.
    • Beechwood Hotel is the closest in proximity to the symposium

    • Our reserved hotels have mini-fridges and portable cribs that can be placed in your hotel room upon request 

    • Caregivers to have free access to the symposium

    • Babywearing allowed (encouraged!)

    • Tips/Resources for breastfeeding moms attending conferences
  • For those bringing caregivers and children, please see some fun local attractions for children here.