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  The MBCL, DSCL, and PBCE will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 23rd and 24th. No orders will be processed or delivered during that time, and there will be no sample pickup. We will re-open on Monday the 27th. Have a great holiday!    leaves

UMassMed Oligonucleotide Discount Program

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UMassMed IDT Oligo Ordering Site:
Once you have registered you can access the discount program from any IDT site 
with the correct log-in information.

NOTE: The daily order cutoff time is 3:00 pm each business day.
Orders received after 3:00 pm go to the following day’s order.

For instructions on how to sign up for and use the new portal, please read 
this document.
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STD oligos are desalted and quality-control checked by Mass-Spec.

Our pricing contract also includes dual-label probes, siRNA duplexes, Dicer substrate duplexes, and gene-synthesis services.

For information on special products please send an email to OLIGO@umassmed.edu.

Expedited Oligos (next day delivery) - Email your order to OLIGO@umassmed.edu before noon, and write, "URGENT" in the subject line. Expedited Oligos are only available for oligos ordered without modifications, up to 50 bases long. The pricing for expedited oligos is higher, and there is an additional shipping charge.


Pricing is restricted to UMassMed investigators and cannot be published on outside web pages; please email us for a pricing list.

Large Order Oligos

If you have a large oligo order and wish to skip the single-entry ordering online, please follow the instructions in this document for bulk entry: Bulk Oligo Input

For Plate Oligos (96 well format), see the instructions on IDT's site or email us at OLIGO@umassmed.edu.

Reagent Program

We also offer discount Taqman and Q-PCR probes, assays, and reagents!
Visit our Reagent Program page!

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