Department of Radiology Faculty

radiology faculty                           


Max P. Rosen, MD, MPH, Professor and Chair



Steven Baccei, MD, Assistant Professor, Musculokeletal Radiology and Intervention 
                             Vice-Chair, Radiology, Quality, Patient Safety and Process Improvement

Jerry Balikian, MD, Professor, Thoracic Imaging

Darren Brennan, MD, Associate Professor, Vice-Chair, Community Radiology
                               Chief, Radiology at Marlborough Hospital

Christopher Cerniglia, DO, MEng, Assistant Professor, Musculoskeletal Radiology

Dennis Coughlin, MD, Assistant Professor, Emergency Radiology

Sarwat Hussain, MD, Professor, Global Radiology

Adib Karam, MD, Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging 

Andrew Karellas PhD, Professor, Radiologic Physics

Mike King, PhD, Professor, Vice Chair for Research

Robert Licho, MD, Associate Professor, Nuclear Medicine

Joseph Makris, MD, Assistant Professor, Vice Chair, Radiology Education
                             Chief, Pediatric RadiologyDirector, Residency Program                              

Deepak Takhtani, MD, Associate Professor, Neuroradiology

Gopal Vijayaraghavan, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Breast Imaging

Ajay Wakhloo, MD, PhD, Professor, Interventional Neuroradiology

Stephan Wicky van Doyer, MD, FSIR, Interventional Radiology 


Susan A. Afonso, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Abdominal Imaging

Brian Brochu, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology

Andrew Chen, MD, Assistant Professor, Neuroradiology

Byron Chen, MD, Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging

Cory Daignault, MD, Assistant Professor, Nuclear Medicine

Carolynn DeBenedectis, MD, Assistant Professor, Breast Imaging

Charu S. Desai, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Thoracic Radiology

Prachi Dubey, MD, Assistant Professor, Neuroradiology

Sathish K. Dundamadappa, MD, Assistant Professor, Neuroradiology

Carolyn Dupuis, MD, Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging

Joseph T. Ferrucci, MD, Professor, Abdominal Imaging

Ronald Garrell, MD, Instructor of Radiology, Emergency Radiology

Jean-Marc Gauguet, MD Assistant Professor, Pediatric Radiology

Erica Ghosh, MD, Assistant Professor, Breast Imaging

Rania Hito, MD, Assistant Professor, Neuroradiology

Matthew Hoimes, MD, Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging

Rebecca Hultman, DO, Assistant Professor, Breast Imaging- Voluntary

Adib Karam, MD Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging

Young Kim, MD, Associate Professor, Abdominal Imaging 

Mona Korgaonkar, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Musculoskeletal Radiology

Joshua Leeman, Assistant Professor, Musculoskeletal Radiology

Hao Lo, MD, Assistant Professor, Emergency Radiology

Sue MacMaster, MD, Assistant Professor, Breast Imaging

Hesham Malik, MD, Assistant Professor, Vascular Interventional Radiology

Louis Marone, MD, Assistant Professor, Emergency Radiology

Ajit Puri, MD Assistant Professor, Interventional Neuroradiology 

Khashayar Rafat-Zand, MD, FRCPC, Abdominal Imaging

Farhana Riaz, MD, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Radiology

Abhijit Roychowdhury, MD, Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging

Eric Schmidlin, MD, Assistant Professor, Thoracic Imaging

John Schneider, MD Assistant Professor, Emergency Radiology

Hartley Sirkis, MD, Assistant Professor, Musculoskeletal Radiology

Eugenio Suran, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Neuroradiology

Padmaja Surapaneni, MD, Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging

Patricia Sutman, MD, Assistant Professor, Breast Imaging

E. Christine Wallace, MD, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Radiology, Medical Student Clerkship Director

Larry Zheng, MD. Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Michael King, PhD, Professor, Vice Chair for Research


Alexei A. Bogdanov, PhD, Professor (Molecular Imaging Program)

Matthew Gounis, PhD, Associate Professor (NIR/IR), Science Director, Advanced MRI Imaging Director, New England Stroke Center (NECStR)                
Andrew Karellas, PhD, Professor, Director of Radiologic Physics


Juyu Chueh, PhD - Instructor

Prachi Dubey, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor

Arda Konik, PhD - Instructor

Guozheng Liu, PhD, Associate Professor

Joyeeta Mitra Mukherjee, PhD, Assistant Professor

P. Hendrik Pretorius, PhD, Associate Professor

Mary Rusckowski, PhD, Associate Professor

Srinivasan Vedantham, PhD, Associate Professor

Surong Zhang, PhD - Instructor

Shaokuan Zheng, PhD, Assistant Professor


Andrey Makeev, PhD

Keseva Kalluri, PhD

Kajo Van Der Marel, PhD

Yuzhen Wang, PhD