Clinical Services

The faculty of our three clinical services divisions is committed to providing the best possible psychiatric care throughout the Commonwealth o f Massachusetts. They work in a range of systems including UMass Memorial Health Care and its affiliates, the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, and the Veteran Affairs Health Care system.


Families and patients, click here for information on accessing resources, including phone numbers.

"The group was certainly a remarkable experience... I was very impressed with the way the other group members and I were treated, and also impressed by the changes for the better that several of them seemed to be making...It was a very valuable experience... Finally, I want to thank you for your skill and compassion." - a patient

UMass Memorial Medical Center (UMMMC)
Adult Clinical Services

UMass Memorial Medical Center (UMMMC)
Adult Inpatient Services
ECT Service
Partial Hospital Program
Wellness Initiative (great resources to help increase physical activity, decrease stress, improve nutrition, enhance general health, and to become tobacco-free)

UMass Memorial Health Care (UMMHC) Outpatient Psychiatry
General Outpatient
Specialty Clinics
Addiction Specialty Clinic
Depression Specialty Clinic
Mood Disorders Comprehensive Consultation Clinic
Women's Mental Health Clinic
College Consultation Service
Consultative Behavioral Health
Consultation-Liaison Service
Health Psychology (contact Amy Wachholtz, PhD, MDiv)
Intellectual Disability (contact Lauren Charlot, PhD)

UMMHC Affiliated Hospitals
Health Alliance Hospital
Clinton Hospital
Marlborough Hospital

Wing Memorial Hospital

Community Healthlink
Youth and Family Services
Residential Services
Adult Outpatient Services
Homeless and Inpatient Services

UMMHC Emergency Mental Health Service



Child and Adolescent Services

UMass Adolescent Treatments Programs
Community Healthlink Youth and Family Services
Emergency Mental Health Service (child)
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (child)
Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project (MCPAP)


Specialty Clinics
   Child Behavioral Clinic
   Child Diagnostic Clinic
   Child Psychopharmacology Clinic
   Coordinated Family Focused Care (CFFC)
   Pediatric Neuropsychiatry Clinic


Public Sector Psychiatry

Carson Center for Human Services (Westfield)
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital
Worcester State Hospital (UMass Adolescent Treatments Programs)


Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care System

For the Worcester VA area, please call 508-856-0104
For the Fitchburg area VA, please call 978-342-9781
For the Bedford VA Hospital, please call 781-687-2000
For the Boston VA Hospital, please call 617-323-7700
For the Northampton VA Hospital, please call 413-584-4040


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