Constance Moore, PhD

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Constance Moore received her B.Sc (Hons). in Physics from University College Dublin in 1987, she subsequently received her Ph. D. in Physics from University College Dublin in 1994. Dr. Moore’s thesis was on the application of proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) in schizophrenia and was one of the first applications of the technique in mental illness. Dr. Moore became a Research Fellow at McLean Hospital (Harvard Medical School) in Belmont, Massachusetts, where she became an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry. Dr. Moore’s research at McLean Hospital continued her interest in the application of MRS in mental illness, in particular bipolar disorder. Over her years at McLean she utilized the applications of proton, phosphorous and lithium MRS in bipolar disorder. In addition, Dr. Moore has a special interest in children and adolescents with mood disorders. In 2010, Dr. Moore moved to the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She is currently a tenure-track Associate Professor at the Center for Comparative NeuroImaging (CCNI), and Associate Director for Translational Imaging. Dr. Moore is continuing her in vivo research on the application of MRS in mood disorders, in addition to utilizing different imaging modalities to investigate these disorders. Finally, Dr. Moore is interested in investigating animal models for brain development using these different imaging modalities.

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