Investigational Drug Service (IDS)

Ambulatory Care Center – 6th floor

The investigational pharmacists play a key role in facilitating subject safety for clinical trials being conducted at UMass and UMass Memorial. Staffed with 2 (two) full-time pharmacists, the IDS have the following major responsibilities as defined in UMass policy:

 Preparation of IDDF (drug data form) for review by IRB committee
 Assessment of appropriate charges for investigational services
 Receipt, storage, accountability, dispensing and return/destruction of all investigational drugs
 Monitoring of all ongoing investigational drug activity by clinical researchers in the medical school or on the campuses of UMass Memorial Medical Center
 Control and accountability of investigational drugs according to state and federal regulatory requirements, sponsor specifications and hospital pharmacy practice
 Consultation with investigators pre-study and throughout conduct of trial  

Investigational Drug Service (IDS) Contacts:                                                                                                              
Lucie LaJeunesse, R Ph and Paul Seed, R Ph
Phone: 508-334-8667