Software for DNA Sequence Viewing and Editing

     Windows PC
          Available from 
        select Support, drag-down to Software and Downloads
        on next page scroll down the menu bar to 
        Sequence Scanner V1.0 and proceed to download
        You will need to enter your email and the machine type (ABI   3730xl)

          FinchTV  Free from Geospiza
          GENEIOUS (we like this one!) A free public version is available.

    Mas OSX
GENEIOUS (we like this one!) A free public version is available.
         FinchTV Free from Geospiza

    UMassMed Keyserver Applications
        UMass Medical School labs may obtain a keyserver license for MacVector or DSGene
        For a nominal fee. These apps open chromatograms and have other utilities

     GeneMapper and Fragment Analysis
         Peak Scanner    (PC only) Available from
       search by name or use
 catalog  4381867 

Data Delivery and/or Retrieval
Until our new system is installed, the Data delivery options are:
Pick up from PMM server (inside UMassMed Firewall)
   This is the default, directions are emailed to you when data is ready
Have Data burned onto a CD
Leave a Flash drive with your samples
Be patient, web interface coming soon (really it is)!

This section is under development, meanwhile
Please visit Biotools if you need a good place to start

If you can recommend an analysis package, a link of interest
or other resource, please send us a note at