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UMass Medical School - Worcester

Molecular Biology Core Labs  ~ MBCL ~
Open business days 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
In case of extreme weather (bad or good), deliveries may be postponed
     If UMassMed is on "inclement weather alert", we're closed

We have 4 drop off locations, in-person drop off, and we are available by appointment.
The 4 drop off fridges and freezer are listed at the bottom of this page.
The Suite 217 Biotech 2 location is staffed daily from 9:00 am - 11:00 am
There is a freezer just inside 217 for samples if you visit at other times.
We can meet you by appointment if you need to visit with us.
Thank you,
The MBCL Staff

The MBCL offers several services and reagent programs to UMass Labs*
Email us for services and pricing information at

CHANGE IN DROP OFF LOCATIONS, School 5th floor spot has moved to Sherman 8th floor!
New Fridge Location is ASC 8th Floor, Room 2058 (mail room)
The LRB and 2 Biotech locations are listed below.

Oligonucleotide Program

The MBCL offers discounted DNA, RNA, and specialty oligos to UMassMed Labs
We now offer gBLOCKs from IDT!! Here's the order form click here
Please email us for a pricing list. (Note the order is compiled at 3:00 pm each business day) To order online or to download forms for large orders or 96 well plate oligo preparations, please go to

DNA Sequencing ~ On Campus and Great Value with Next Business Day Delivery 
(for information about viewing and editing sequences, click here) 

Standard DNA Sequencing  The user provides template(s) and custom primers or specifies a standard primer (list).  This program includes diluting and mixing templates with primers, custom sequencing protocols, and special reaction conditions.  Use this form (Standard Reaction + Analysis ticket

The Economy sequencing option is available for users who set up their reactions (template+primer) in the presecribed format. These are processed on the HTP platform at a lower price than standard sequencing and usually get processed sooner since they go directly into the workflow. Price includes reaction and analysis.
EconoSeq Ticket for Strip Tubes  (EconoSeq Ticket for Strips, excel version)
EconoSeq Ticket for 96 well Plates
   (EconoseqPlate Ticket, excel version)
We have 4 drop off locations (see bottom of this page)

HTP (High Thru-Put)  Pricing is per 96 well plate and depends on Project Size, for single plate pricing or a large scale quote, contact us at

Life Technologies, Applied Biosystems (ABI) and AMBION Reagent Discounts
TAQMAN Discounts

The MBCL offers a discount on Taqman reagents from Life Technologies, as well as other qPCR reagents.
There is also savings in the "no shipping cost" and $1 delivery fees (note delivery fee may increase Jan1, 2014).
The basic order form is (here)
. Or you can visit the Discount Page 

DNA Fragment Analysis SNP, LOH, AFLP, Microsatellite, ARISA, and Fragment Sizing. Please email us for information about your specific project, we currently maintain sizing standards for 20 - 1,200 bases and have spectrals installed for most available dye sets.

BioAnalyzer  The MBCL operates a BioAnalyzer service using the Agilent Lab-on-chip system.  Samples are analyzed for concentration and molecular weight/size, small RNA, total RNA and DNA analysis are available. Contact the Bioanalyzer Service to schedule an analysis or if you have questions. The BioAnalyzer Service is for the analysis of RNA and DNA samples submitted by investigators. If you are interested in QC of your Deep Sequencing Core Lab sample, please submit them to the DSCL. Click here to request the latest version of the work ticket.

Next-Generation (DEEP) Sequencing or NGS or MPSS
Please visit the web site for information about, NEMO and KRAKEN our Illumina GA2 Genome Analyzers and a link to a web-video about color-space and our new SOLiD 4 Analyzer, THE BEAGLE.

There are 4 drop-off locations for samples (Sequencing, Bioanalyzer, etc)
        2 Biotech,
across from room 207 (pick up at 11:00 am)
        LRB, 6th Floor Mail Room 660 (pick up at 11:00 am)
        Sherman Bldg, ASC8-2058, 8th Floor, Mail Room (pick up at 11:00am)
        2 Biotech, Suite 217, Freezer for DeepSeq and other samples (pick up noon)
Please read the instructions and use the stickers and bags provided. If you are leaving DeepSeq samples, adding a freeze block is nice.
*** If you are sending your samples (or data drive) to MBCL, please contact us and verify the address. Samples sent to the wrong address are not the responsibility of the core lab.

* Other institutions and research groups are eligible to use many of our services. However pricing may vary. Off-campus users should contact us for a quote ( )

For a letter of support for a research grant or project, please provide the same format and information as requested for DeepSeq support letters (click here).
For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and the answers, click here
Select RESOURCES in the left nav for info on free sequence view/edit software

These results are intended for research use only, and are not appropriate for use in clinical diagnosis nor for forensic purposes.


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