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New drug development and manufacturing for clinical trials play a critical role in the advancement of new medical treatments. MassBiologics of the University of Massachusetts Medical School has a long history of biologics development to address unmet medical needs. MassBiologics' experience with FDA licensed vaccines and immunoglobulins, coupled with its innovation in the development of new biologic molecules provide an infrastructure to move products forward.

MassBiologics' mission is to discover and develop products that will significantly improve public health.  This includes products for smaller patient populations due to limited incidence of disease (orphan products), uncertain markets as new challenges to public health arise, or products for developing nations with limited resources and unique needs.

About MassBiologics

MassBiologics, located in Boston, is the only non-profit, FDA-licensed manufacturer of vaccines in the United States. For over 100 years, MassBiologics has worked to improve public health through applied research, development and production of biologic products.

MassBiologics of UMMS receives $5M to Fund Viral Vector Manufacturing Facility

Newsletter - 1st Quarter 2014 Volume 3 Issue 1

MassBiologics scientist publishes guide to large scale mammalian cell culture equipment

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