Worcester Area Worm Meetings

WAWM is open to all.
Each meeting consists of research talks by Principal Investigators, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Graduate Students from Clark, UMass Amherst, and UMass Medical.  Meetings are held at 5:30 PM in the 3rd Floor Seminar Room, Biotech TwoFor additional information click on the worm icon.


RNA Biology Journal Club

RNA Biology Journal Club is open to all.  The J-Club meets monthly from 10 AM - 12 PM in the 2nd Floor Conference Room, Biotech Two.  Articles will be posted on the website and distributed (via e-mail) two weeks in advance.  For additional information click on the journal icon.

Boston Area Worm Meetings

Organizers and Contacts: Victor Ambros and Rosalind Lee, UMass Medical. Email:;

BAWM is a bi-monthly meeting of New England C:elegens workers and meets at 6pm in the first floor Conference Room of the MIT Biology Building. Each meeting consists of four research talks of 20-25 minutes with breaks for converstion. Pizza is served. For details, please click the button.

Sponsors: New England BioLabs, Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc., Affymetrix, Roche, and Fisher Scientific



Organizers: Ambros Lab-Zhiji Ren, ; Moore Lab-Alicia Bicknell, Ph.D. ; Richter Lab-Andrea D’Ambrogio, Ph.D. Andrea.D’ ; Lawson Lab-Sarah Sheppard,

The UMass RNA Data Club is a monthly meeting and open to all. The Club meets every third Tuesday at 9:00AM in the 3rd floor Seminar Room of Biotech Two. Each session consists of three 30-minute talks by principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students,followed by 10 minutes of discussion; breakfast is served. The purpose of this club is to share the recent discoveries in the field of RNA biology and to facilitate interactions between laboratories. For a list of scheduled speakers, please click the button.

Sponsored by: Qiagen



Organizer and Contact: Eddie Duan, Harvard Medical.

The purpose of the New England RNA Data (NERD) club is to allow dissemination of recent developments in RNA biology and to facilitate interactions between academic and industry laboratories in the field. Topics will cover all aspects of RNA biology including, but not limited to: mechanisms of RNAi, microRNA biogenesis/action, high-throughput siRNA screening, RNA transcription, RNA splicing/export, RNA trafficking and mRNA translational control. The club meets once a month and each session consists of three 20 minute talks (with ~10 minutes for discussion) by faculties, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and/or industry scientists.

Sponsors: Abcam & Qiagen



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