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Members of the VIDE Group

About us

Our research group consists of scientists at all academic levels working together towards developing the next-generation of rAAVs and other therapeutic platforms. Our researchers are diverse and hail from a range of training backgrounds. We are a proud part of The Gao Lab and the Horae Gene Therapy Center.

Phil Tai, PhD

Assistant Professor
phillip.tai2 at

Phil graduated from UC Berkeley (BA, Molecular and Cellular Biology), and University of Washington (PhD, Biochemistry). His research focuses on the development of next-gen sequencing methodologies to profile AAV vector genome quality, and discovery and characterization of natural AAV capsid isolates for vectorization and gene therapy.

Yukiko Maeda, PhD

Yukiko.Maeda at

Alex Brown, PhD

Postdoc Associate
alex.brown at

Alex obtained his BS degree in Biological Sciences, and PhD in Microbiology from University of Rhode Island. He is currently interested in the development and application of new gene editing and transcriptional regulation tools for use in human gene therapies, as well as the safe and efficient production of the viral vectors we employ and the structural-functional characterization of newly discovered AAV variants.

Hung-Lun (Jeff) Hsu, PhD

Postdoc Associate
hung-lun.hsu at

Jeff obtained a BS degree in chemical engineering from National Taiwan University in 2011, and a PhD degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University. His research focuses on discovering high genome packaging adeno-associated viruses (AAV) and using bioengineering tool to improve the performance of AAV gene delivery.

Manish Muhuri, PhD

Postdoc Associate
manish.muhuri at

Manish obtained his BS degree (Hons) in Microbiology and MS degree in Biomedical Sciences from University of Delhi, India, and PhD degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research areas include AAV immunology and cancer immunology. Currently, he is working towards developing strategies to circumvent AAV based transgene and capsid immunity.

Tam Tran, PhD

Postdoc Associate
NgocTam.Tran at

Suk Namkung, BS

Graduate Student
Suk.Namkung at

Wei DingWei Ding

Research Associate II
Wei.Ding at