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  • Anubhab Nandy

    Anubhab Nandy, PhD

    Programs: Alumni

    Anubhab Nandy received his B.Sc in Microbiology from University Of Calcutta in 2006 and his masters from same university in 2008 in biochemistry. He completed his PhD at UMass Medical School in 2017 and after a short postdoc here, he join Scott Snapper's lab at Boston Children's Hosptial and HMS where he studies IBD (2020).

  • Cara West

    Cara West, PhD

    Programs: Alumni

    Cara West received her B.S. in Molecular Biology from UConn in 2007 and her PhD from UMass in 2018. After a short postdoc here, Cara joined the postdoc program at Pfizer (2020)

  • Amanda Monahan

    Amanda Monahan, PhD 2015-2018

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Monahan is a Scientific Editor at Cell Host & Microbe.

  • Anni Kleino

    Anni Kleino, PhD 2011-2017

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Kleino was an Associate Professor at the Aarhus Institute for Advanced Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark where she studies amyloid fibrils and is now at University of Helsinki where she studies mosquito immunity

  • Donggi Paik

    Donggi Paik, PhD 2009-2016

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Paik is currently a Research Associate at Harvard Medical School working with Dr. Jun Huh.

  • Florentina Rus

    Florentina Rus, PhD 2016

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Rus is a Research Associate in the Ostroff Lab, UMass Medical School.

  • Li Chen

    Li Chen, PhD 2015

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Chen is now a Leader of therapeutic antibody discovery group at GenScript.

  • Mei Tong

    Mei Tong, MS 2015

    Programs: Alumni

    Mei is Research Scientist at Affinivax.

  • Sandhya Ganesan

    Sandhya Ganesan, PhD 2014

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Ganesan is a postdoc at Yale University with Craig Roy.

  • Chan-Hee Kim

    Chan-Hee Kim, PhD 2013

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Kim is Research Professor at Pukyong National University.

  • Kamna Aggarwal

    Kamna Aggarwal, PhD 2010

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Aggarwal is the Associate Director, Medical Writing at Rubius Therapeutics Inc.

  • Nicholas Paquette

    Nicholas Paquette, PhD 2010

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Paquette is a Science Medical Writer at Medtronic.

  • Deniz Ertürk-Hasdemir

    Deniz Ertürk-Hasdemir, PhD 2008

    Programs: Alumni

    Deniz is now a Senior Scientist at Ultragenyx (2020).

  • Charles Sweet

    Charles Sweet, PhD 2007

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Sweet is an Associate Professor at the U.S. Naval Academy.

  • Takashi Kaneko

    Takashi Kaneko, PhD DDS 2004

    Programs: Alumni

    Dr. Kaneko is a Professor at the Fukuoka Dental College, Center for Oral Diseases (2020).