Night shift at the ASC

UPDATE: 10-06-10
The night shift has been postponed, however the installation of the water quality structure continues.

Beginning on October 4, 2010 construction at the Albert Sherman Center site will temporarily extend to a second shift, with crews working until 11 p.m. on weeknights, to install a drainage structure that will keep the storm water running off the site clean.

A specially designed concrete structure will be installed some 30 feet below grade at the northeast corner of the construction site. Digging that deep, in a confined area, with potential ledge to deal with on the way down, may take several weeks. So the construction team will expedite the work by adding a second shift in hopes of getting the structure in place before winter.

Much of the storm water runoff from the campus eventually drains into Lake Quinsigamond. The new structure to be installed at the ASC is similar to others already incorporated into the campus drainage system. Debris and contaminants like automobile oil or gasoline that can be washed away with storm water will be trapped by the new structure and prevented from reaching the lake.

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