Dr. John E. Ware, Jr traveled to Australia to present a Health Outcomes Seminar Series in four Australian cities

Dr Ware presented a Health Outcomes Seminar Series in four Australian cities May 2 - 6, 2011.  Dr Ware was a guest of various universities and organizations. 

In Dr Ware's lecture titled: " Measuring and Interpreting Health -Related Quality of Life," he summarized the similarities and differences between generic and disease-specific concepts and showed how their metrics are being standardized somewhat like thermometers were cross-calibrated hundreds of years ago so that their results can be meaningfully compared and interpreted.  Advances in data collection technology, such as computerized adaptive testing (CAT) software and the Internet and handheld phones was also demonstrated to show how they can make it easier to measure health-related quality of life worldwide.

 In Dr Ware's Workshop on Measuring and Interpreting Health -Related Quality of Life Measures, he showed how health and quality of life metrics are being standardized and cross-calibrated much like thermometers were cross-calibrated hundreds of years ago, how applications of modern psychometric methods (Item Response Theory, IRT) are being used to improve both generic and disease-specific measurement scales, and how advances in data collection technology such as computer adaptive testing (CAT) software and communication technology (the Internet, handheld phones) are being used to more efficiently sample and measure health, and how data collection and score estimation methods are being matched to the requirements of different applications (population surveys, observational studies, clinical trials, individual patient care) so that measurement is more efficient and results can be interpreted and compared.

 Ware Australia  

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