Psychiatry Residency Training Program


Training Retreats

Tower Hill Botanic Garden

 Tower Hill Botanic Garden -
site of our retreats

Intensive retreats in a pleasant setting away from the medical center are planned several times per year.

Teaching Retreat

Each September, all residents are released from their duties to attend a one-half day retreat on teaching techniques. These are geared to teaching medical students, supervising junior residents, giving case conference presentations, and the art of lecturing. Residents are afforded many opportunities throughout the year to serve as teachers

Resident Feedback Retreat

Each spring, all residents are released from their duties to attend a full day retreat with the training directors to provide feedback on all aspects of the training program and to help plan for the coming year. 

Chief Residents Retreat

Each spring, our chief residents join with the chief residents of the other departments in the medical center for a half day retreat sponsored by the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

Faculty Retreat

In May the Program Chief Resident joins the faculty for a full-day retreat to discuss training issues and plan for the curriculum in the coming year.