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Translational: human - Modality: structural connectivity - Research Area: nicotine addiction

Correlation map of density of streamlines with the Level of PD in smokers.

Using the anterior cingulum bundle (ACb) as a seed, the density of streamlines to other brain regions were measured and correlated with the nicotine smoking Level of Physical dependence. Red indicates areas of positive correlation and blue indicates areas of negative correlation between streamline density and the Level of PD. In the left hemisphere, white matter streamlines approaching the superior frontal and medial superior frontal areas showed negative correlation with PD (p<0.03), whereas white matter approaching the precuneus showed positive correlation (r = .75, p<0.05). The graph shows the correlation between the Level of PD and the density of streamlines between the ACb and the white matter approaching the superior frontal area indicated by the green square. Level of PD showed a strong negative correlation with streamline density (r  =  −.86, p = 0.0006).