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Translational: human - Modality: functional connectivity - Research area: Emotionality

Fulwiler CE, King JA, Zhang N. Amygdala-orbitofrontal resting-state functional connectivity is associated with trait anger. Neuroreport. 2012 Jul 11;23(10):606-10.

Trait anger measures showed strong inverse association with resting state functional connectivity (RSFC) between amygdala and orbital-frontal cortex. This inverse correlation was strongest for right amygdala and contralateral middle orbital-frontal cortex (a). A weaker inverse correlation was also observed for left amygdala and contralateral orbital-frontal cortex when the threshold of clustering size was lowered to 5 voxels. The covariation between functional connectivity strength between right amygdala-left orbital-frontal cortex is depicted graphically in (b). In contrast to Trait Anger, Anger Control subscales (Anger Control-In and Anger Control-Out) showed the opposite relationship: a strong positive correlation to the strength of RSFC between right amygdala and contralateral middle orbital-frontal cortex (Figure 2b).