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Center for Comparative NeuroImaging

Center for Comparative NeuroImaging (CCNI)

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The CCNI was established in 2001 as a Center within the UMass Medical School and Department of Psychiatry to promote imaging research utilizing animal models to expand our understanding of brain changes accompanying the development and treatment of mental health disorders. Under the leadership of Jean King since 2007, the CCNI has shifted focus to translational studies with research focused on both animal models of mental health disorders and human imaging research. The CCNI is home to 9 faculty and staff including two new imaging researchers recruited over the past 3 years. The current research interests of the faculty at the CCNI include innovative multi-modal imaging methodologies, neural networks involved in mental health disorders (like addiction, depression and anxiety) and the potential usefulness of complimentary/alternative medicines (CAM) in altering cognitive and emotional networks.