Parking Violations

There are designated parking areas for employees, visitors, and patients on the campus. If you park illegally, you may receive a parking ticket. Any ticket not paid within 21 calendar days will result in an additional $5.00 penalty before registry action is taken. After the Registry of Motor Vehicles is notified, additional penalties will be added as prescribed by law. A ticket may be appealed by completing an appeal's form located at the Bursar's Office or contacting the Parking Clerk, Jim Steinwachs, at (508) 856-2720. The appeal form may also be download from our web site. 

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Enforcement, Appeal and Citation Payment Procedures

  1. Enforcement 
    • Parking Services and the University Police Department shall enforce all University Parking regulations. In addition, the University Police Department shall enforce applicable state motor vehicle laws under the Massachusetts vehicle code. 
    • Vehicles utilizing University facilities that are in violation of any section of these regulations will be issued a citation and may be towed, booted or impounded at the owner’s expense. 
    • Parking citations must be paid or appealed within 21 days of the violation date. 
    • Citations may be paid according to the directions on the citation.  
  2. Appeal Procedures 
    • Parking citations may be appealed within 21 days of the date of ticket issuance. Appeals submitted beyond such date will not be accepted. Appeals may be submitted by mail, or in person at the Parking Office.
      • To appeal a parking violation please complete an appeal form and submit it via mail or in person, along with the original ticket, either to the Parking Office or to the Parking Clerk. All appeals are adjudicated by the Parking Hearing Clerk. 
    • You can assume that your appeal has been granted unless you receive a written notification within 15 days that your appeal has been denied. 
    • Decisions of the Parking Hearing Clerk may be contested through the Massachusetts Court System.
  3. Citation Payment Procedures 
    • You can pay citations at the School Bursars Office
    • Please make checks payable to Parking Clerk, UMMS

      Mail to: 
      University of Mass at Worcester 
      c/o School Bursar’s Office 
      55 Lake Ave North 
      Worcester MA 01655 
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