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What is news?

The UMass Chan Medical School community is filled with remarkable people and research, innovative teaching and education, and meaningful connections to our neighboring communities. These are the stories we want to tell through UMassMed News and a glossy magazine, @umassmed, as well as in external news outlets.

If a subject, person, program or event interests you, it will likely appeal to other members of the Medical School community, and could be suitable for inclusion on UMassMed News or @umassmed magazine. When determining the media significance of a story idea, our media relations experts consider the geographic reach and significance the story has for the general public.

Some questions we might ask include:

  • Does it affect greater Worcester? The state? New England? The Northeast? The nation? The world?
  • What are the clinical implications of basic research?
  • Is it unique, the first, the first in one of the defined geographies listed above, or one of the first?
    Is it a breakthrough involving a celebrity/VIP?
  • Is it an improvement having to do with tech transfer/commercial implications?
  • Does it have other broad implications?
  • Does it respond to any current hot media buttons, even if it is not unique or the first?
  • Context: How many people are affected? How widespread is the problem/disease? Data/stats?
  • Is there a visual component that might be appealing for broadcast?

Anyone in the Medical School community with an idea, event or research that has the makings of a good story should contact the Office of Communications. Send a brief e-mail that describes the story and its significance in easily understood language to After reviewing the information, a staff member will respond to discuss and/or request more information.