GSBS recognizes 37 newly qualified PhD candidates

By Megan Bard

UMass Medical School Communications

September 15, 2016
  • GSBS Dean Anthony Carruthers delivers remarks at the GSBS Qualifying Exam Recognition Ceremony.
  • Io Long (Welles) Chan, from the Oliver Rando lab, receives his business cards and laser pointer from Dean Carruthers.
  • Nathaniel Erskine, from the Catarina Kiefe laboratory, accepts his gift bag.
  • Annie Hien, from the Joel Richter lab, crosses the stage.
  • GSBS students who complete the qualifying exam move next to dissertation research.
  • One last photo for the GSBS students who’ve passed the qualifying exam, then a reception in the Cube.
  • Nicholas Rice, from the Bill Theurkauf lab, and Michael Gallagher of the Leslie Berg lab, celebrate at the reception.
  • Monika Chitre, from the Patrick Emery lab; Yen-Chen (Nora) Lin, from the Daryl Bosco lab; and Shurong Hou, from the Celia Schiffer lab, pause for a photo.
  • From left, Nese Kurt Yilma, PhD, Jacqueto Zephyr, Cynthia Schiffer, PhD, Shurong Houe, Florian Leidner and Ashley Matthew enjoy the reception.

At the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Recognition Ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 15, Dean Anthony Carruthers, PhD, urged the 37 newly qualified PhD candidates to “advocate for their science and affordable education in the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge.”

In his address, Dean Carruthers, professor of biochemistry & molecular pharmacology and microbiology & physiological systems, called upon the students to remain creative in their scientific research and strive to maintain the trust of the public through transparent and rigorous experimental design, data management and communication.

“When science is attacked by the uninformed, we must become beacons of trust. We serve the commonwealth and humanity best by our discoveries that improve the lives of the people of the commonwealth and beyond,” Carruthers said.

In doing so, the public will be better equipped to support advances in science and to persuade the government to continue to support biomedical research, he said.

“Biomedical research is expensive and duplicative if we are to protect a trusting public by validating our findings. Advances in medicine do not arise by simply translating acquired knowledge into new ways of addressing old or new medical problems,” the dean said.

The transition from classroom-based learning to the lab is a significant one in the life of a doctoral degree candidate and Carruthers said the students deserve recognition for passing their qualifying exam.

Associate Dean Mary Ellen Lane, PhD, associate professor of neurobiology, recognized the students who were admitted to doctoral candidacy in the academic year 2015-16.

Those students are:

Julia Alterman, Anastasia Khvorova Lab
Ankit Bhatta, Kate Fitzgerald Lab
Io Long (Welles) Chan, Oliver Rando Lab
Monika Chitre, Patrick Emery Lab
Fransenio Clark, Liisa Selin Lab
Peter Cruz-Gordillo, Michael Lee Lab
Alireza Edraki, Erik Sontheimer Lab
Nathaniel Erskine, Catarina Kiefe Lab
William Tyler Frantz, Craig Ceol Lab
Michael Gallagher, Leslie Berg Lab
Xin (Daniel) Gao, Erik Sontheimer Lab
Nathan Gioacchini, Craig Peterson Lab
Alex Gramann, Craig Ceol Lab
Christina Griecci, Stephenie Lemon Lab
Daniel Gutierrez, William Kobertz Lab
Annie Hien, Joel Richter Lab
Samantha Ho, William Theurkauf Lab
Shurong Hou, Celia Schiffer Lab
Maximiliaan Huisman, David Grunwald Lab

Patrick Kearney, Haley Melikian Lab
Zachary Kennedy, Wen Xue & Robert Brown
Kyusik Kim, Jeremy Luban Lab
Michael Kiristy, Christopher Sassetti Lab
Olivia Kugler-Umana, Susan Swain Lab
Yen-Chen (Nora) Lin, Daryl Bosco Lab
Yu-Jung Lu, Samuel Behar Lab
Christine Motkzus, Roger Luckmann Lab
Mona Motwani, Kate Fitzgerald & Ann Rothstein
Sumeet Nayak, Sharon Cantor Lab
Samantha Nelson, Christopher Sassetti Lab
Devyn Oliver, Claire Bénard & Michael Francis
Nicholas Rice, William Theurkauf Lab
Ye Shang, Yang Xiang Lab
Kailene Simon, Carruthers Lab & Hurlbut Lab
Pranitha Vangala, Manuel Garber Lab
Fei Wang, Yang Xiang Lab
Tong Wu, Thomas Fazzio Lab

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