GSBS celebrates end of the academic year with student awards

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May 29, 2014
  • Chancellor Michael F. Collins presents Shawna Guillemette with the Chancellor’s Award.
  • Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Dean Anthony Carruthers presides over the celebration.
  • From left, Mary Ellen Lane, PhD, presents curriculum achievement awards to Gillian Griffith, Benjamin Landry and Janelle Hayes.
  • Outstanding Mentor Award winners, from left, Shawna Guillemette, Adam Wespiser, Alfred Simkin, Alexandra Hajduk, Eric Swanson and Jill Moore.
  • Student Community Service winners , from left, Kelly Hallstrom, Glen Gallagher, Brian Quattrochi and Lauren Powell with Dean Anthony Carruthers.
  • Dean Anthony Carruthers presents awards for the Most Insightful Mid-thesis Research to Sara Lewandowski and David Mofford.
  • Emma Watson and Colin Conine, pictured with Dean Anthony Carruthers, receive recognition for winning Harold W. Weintraub Graduate Student Awards.
  • Leanne Ahronian receives the Award for the Most Insightful Doctoral Thesis Research from Dean Anthony Carruthers.
  • Shawna Guillemette is recognized as the class speaker by Dean Anthony Carruthers.
  • Eric Swanson and Jeanne Lawrence, PhD.
  • From left, Aditya Bandekar, Beth McCormick, PhD, Kelly Hallstrom and Kristen Peters.
  • Chancellor Michael F. Collins with Gyongyi Szabo, MD, PhD, and Kendall Knight, PhD.
  • Brian Lewis, PhD.
  • From left, Emma Watson, Craig Mello, PhD, Colin Conine and Shawna Guillemette.
  • The GSBS staff, from left: Cynthia Fuhrmann, PhD, Virginia Behn, Kendall Knight, PhD, Annette Stratton, Mary Ellen Lane, PhD, Tricia Doane, Tony Imabalzano, PhD, Susan Foley, Anne Michelson and Dean Tony Carruthers.

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences paused to mark the end of another academic year and recognize outstanding  students at the Celebration of Student Achievement on Thursday, May 29. Students were honored for academic achievement, mentoring, service and scholarship.

Chancellor’s Award 
Shawna Guillemette

Curriculum Achievement Award
Benjamin Landry, Basic and Biomedical Sciences
Janelle Hayes, Basic and Biomedical Sciences
Gillian Griffith, Clinical and Population Health Research
Ashley Matthew, MD/PhD Program

Outstanding Mentor Award
Mentoring in a Research Setting: Shawna Guillemette
The Bootstrappers, Mentoring in a Classroom Setting: Derrick DeConti, Alexandra Hajduk, Jill Moore, Alfred Simkin, Eric Swanson, Adam Wespiser

Recognition of Student Community Service
Kelly Hallstrom
Glen Gallagher
Lauren Powell
Brian Quattrochi

Dean’s Award for the Most Insightful Mid-thesis Research
Sara Lewandowski
“Role of Class I Histone Deacetylases in Early Cardiac Development”
Chinmay Trivedi, MD, PhD, Mentor

David Mofford
“Synthetic Luciferins: Expanding the Range of Bioluminescence”
Stephen Miller, PhD, Mentor

The Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award
Emma Watson
Colin Conine

Dean’s Award for the Most Insightful Doctoral Thesis Research
Amanda Hughes
“Mechanisms of Nucleosome Positioning”
Oliver Rando, MD, PhD, Mentor

Leanne Ahronian
“Identification and characterization of factors Regulating Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression and Metastasis"
Brian Lewis, PhD, Mentor

Recognition of Class Speaker
Shawna Guillemette

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