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Neuropsychiatric Disabilities Fellowship

Research Activities

It is an exciting time to participate in research in the area of mental health problems of individuals with mental retardation. Contributions to the literature are needed in so many areas including special concerns in assessment (i.e. the effective use of DSM-IV criteria), the impact of comorbid medical problems on the manifestation of psychiatric illness, recognition of behavioral phenotypes, psychopharmacologic treatment, and many other topics. The inpatient team for the Neuropsychiatric Disabilities Unit recently completed a book chapter describing the unit for an NADD-sponsored book elaborating national model programs for the individuals with mental illness and mental retardation. 

Dr. Charlot was lead author for a paper on the topic of "Obsessional Slowness in Down Syndrome," recently submitted for publication. Dr. Charlot is currently heading a project sponsored by NADD to elaborate possible modifications to DSM-IV to improve assessment of mood disorders in individuals with mental retardation and major depression or bipolar disorder. She is piloting the use of a DSM-IV symptom checklist that provides behavioral equivalents for mood and anxiety disorders. Drs. Charlot and Silka will be working to develop research plans for the new Shriver Center affiliated developmental disabilities clinic program. Dr. Abend will be investigating the relationship between medical problems and psychiatric disorder in inpatients with mental retardation and psychiatric illness.