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Career Paths Of Our Graduates

Graduating Residents.jpg

Class of 2021



Muhammad Zakariya Alam, MBBS

Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship UMass

Kiandokht Keyhanian, MD

Ophthalmology Fellowship Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Jose Marino Granados, MD

Vascular Neurology and Endovascular Neurosurgery Fellowship University of Maryland

Fares Nigim, MD, PhD

NeuroOncology Clinical Fellowship Massachusetts General Hospital Dana Farber

Yuyao Sun, MD


Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship Duke University

Class of 2020



Dalia Abou Zeki, MD

NeuroImmunology Fellowship UMass

Justin Donaghy, MD


Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship UMass

Andrew Galica, MD

Neurorehabilitation Fellowship at UMass

Sylvia Josephy, MD

Sidney R. Baer Jr. Foundation Fellowship in Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital

Daniela Pimentel Maldonado, MD

NeuroImmunology and Neurological Infections Fellowship  Johns Hopkins

Philippe Rosenberg, MD, PhD

Middlesex Health Multispecialty Group – Neurology, Middlesex Health, CT