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MCCB Publications

Arsenault HE et al. (2021) Ubc1 turnover contributes to the spindle assembly checkpoint in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Article | Benanti Lab

Wu T et al. (2021) Characterization of R-loop-interacting proteins in embryonic stem cells reveals roles in ribosomal RNA processing and gene expression.
Article | Fazzio Lab

Shen JL et al. (2021) Vps13D functions in a Pink1-dependent and Parkin-independent mitophagy pathway.
Article | Baehrecke Lab

Oikemus SR et al. (2021) Allele-specific knockdown of mutant HTT protein via editing at coding region SNP heterozygosities.
Article | Brodsky Lab

Garwain O et al. (2021)  The chromatin-binding domain of Ki-67 together with p53 protects human chromosomes from mitotic damage.
Article | Kaufman Lab

Ando K et al. (2021) Conserved and context-dependent roles for pdgfrb signaling during zebrafish vascular mural cell development.
Article | Lawson Lab

Brown C et al. (2021) Targeting prominin2 transcription to overcome ferroptosis resistance in cancer.
Article | Mercurio Lab

Cong K et al. (2021) Replication gaps are a key determinant of PARP inhibitor synthetic lethality with BRCA deficiency.
Article | Cantor Lab

Hwang S et al. (2021) Consequences of aneuploidy in human fibroblasts with trisomy 21.
Article | Torres Lab

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