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CHANGE: A Workshop Curriculum for Training Medical Students in Brief Motivational Interviewing 

Purpose: To develop the student’s capacity to motivate patients to change problem behaviors related to their patients’ health conditions, using a patient-centered approach and motivational interviewing techniques. 

Objectives: To enhance students’ ability to: 1) Demonstrate an increase in knowledge of motivational interviewing concepts as applied to the CHANGE model; 2) Improve their reflective listening skills (as measured by the Helpful Responses Questionnaire); 3) Practice MI in a standardized patient encounter; 4) List the components of the CHANGE model. Observed changes will persist for 4 weeks. 

Educational Methods: Standardized Patient-Instructors Training Program for Therapists with MI experience; CHANGE pneumonic/card; 2-hour workshop targeted to 3rd year medical students, employing MI inconsistent and MI modeling videotape vignettes and role-play scenarios; OSCE case on behavior change; Questionnaires: Motivational Interviewing Knowledge, Helpful Responses, and Modified Helpful 

Responses' Applications: 2-hour workshop for 3rd year clerks on psychiatry rotation (Pilot phase, January-June, 2005:  50 medical students; Implementation phase, July 2005-June 2006: 100 medical students). 

Click on the link to access curriculum resources: CHANGE Curriculum Materials 

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