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Macy Initiative in Health Communication

Faculty Development

The Macy Faculty Development Team at UMass is headed by Mark Quirk, EdD. Other key participants include: David Hatem, MD, Susan Starr, MA, and Susan Pasquale, PhD. The group meets regularly to plan and oversee the Faculty Development aspects of the Macy Initiative at UMass. Administrative support is provided through the UMass Community Faculty Development Center.

Major activities of the UMass Macy Faculty Development group have focused in the following areas:

  1. Design and delivery of faculty development for Physician, Patient and Society Course
  2. Development and implementation of a workshop series on teaching communication skills
  3. Development and implementation of faculty development activities to coincide with specific curriculum projects
  4. Creation of the Objective Structured Teaching Exercise (OSTE) as a faculty development evaluation tool

For additional information about the UMass Macy Initiative's Faculty Development activities, contact:

Mark Quirk, EdD, Director, Macy Faculty Development
David Hatem, MD, Department of Medicine
Susan Starr, MA, Department of Pediatrics
Susan Pasquale, PhD, Office of Medical Education