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Below are selected publications from the Lawson Lab.  For a complete list, click here.

Most Recent Publications 

Quillien, A., Abdalla, M., Yu J., Zhu, L. J., and Lawson, N. D. (2017) Robust identification of developmentally active endothelial enhancers in zebrafish using FANS-assisted ATAC-Seq. Cell Reports, 20:709-720.

Lawson, N. D. (2016) Reverse genetics in zebrafish: mutants, morpholinos and moving forward. [opinion] Trends in Cell Biology, 26:77-9. PMID: 26739910

Shin, M., Quillien, A., Male, I., and Lawson, N. D. (2016) Vegfa signals through ERK to induce angiogenesis, but not arterial endothelial differentiation. Development, 143:3796-3805. 

Shin, M., Male, I., Beane, T. J., Villefranc, J. A., Kok, F. O., Zhu, L. J., and Lawson, N. D. (2016) Vegfc acts through ERK to induce sprouting and differentiation of lymphatic progenitors.  Development, 143:3785-3795. 

Kok, F. O., Shin, M., Ni, C-W., Gupta, A., Grosse, A. S., van Impel, A., Kirchmaier, B. C., Peterson-Maduro, J., Kourkoulis, G., Male, I., DeSantis, D.F., Sheppard-Tindell, S., Ebarasi, L., Betsholtz, C., Schulte-Merker, S., Wolfe, S. A., and Lawson, N. D. (2015) Reverse genetic screening reveals poor correlation between Morpholino-induced and mutant phenotypes in zebrafish. Developmental Cell, 32:97-108.  

J.Nicenboim, J.,  Malkinson, G., Lupo, T., , Asaf, L., Sela, Y., Mayseless, O., Gibbs-Bar, L., Senderovich, N., Hashimshony, T., Shin, M., Jerafi-Vider, A., Avraham-Davidi, I., Krupalnik, V., Hofi, R., Almog, G., Astin, J. W., Golani, O., Ben-Dor, S., Crosier, P. S., Herzog, W., Lawson, N. D., Hanna, J. H., Yanai, I., Yaniv, K. (2015) Lymphatic vessels arise from specialized angioblasts within a venous niche.  Nature, 522:56-61.  PMID: 25992545

Hen, G., Nicenboim, J., Mayseless, O., Asaf, L., Shin, M., Busolin, G., Hofi, R., Almog, G., Tiso, N., Lawson, N. D., and Yaniv, K. (2015) Venous-derived angioblasts generate organ-specific vessels during embryonic development.  Development, 142:4266-4278. PMID: 26525671 PMCID: PMC4689221


Earlier Notable Publications

Covassin, L., Villefranc, J., Kacergis, M., Weinstein, B. M., and Lawson, N. D. (2006) Distinct genetic interactions between multiple Vegf receptors are required for development of different blood vessel types in zebrafish. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 103:6554-6559. PMC1458922.

Siekmann, A. F. and Lawson, N. D. (2007) Notch signalling limits angiogenic cell behaviour in developing zebrafish arteries. Nature 445:781-784.

Meng, X., Noyes, M. B., Zhu, J.L., Lawson, N. D., and Wolfe, S. A. (2008) Targeted gene inactivation in zebrafish using engineered zinc finger nucleases. Nature Biotechnology, 26:695-701

Siekmann, A.F., Standley, C., Fogarty, K. E., Wolfe, S. A., Lawson, N. D. (2009) Chemokine signaling guides regional patterning of the first embryonic artery.  Genes and Development, 23:2272-2277.

Nicoli, S. Standley, C., Walker, P., Hurlstone, A., Fogarty, K. E., and Lawson, N. D. (2010) microRNA-mediated integration of haemodynamics and Vegf signaling during angiogenesis. Nature, 464:1196-200. PMC2914488.

Zhu, C., Smith, T., McNulty, J., Rayla, A. L., Lakshmanan, A., Siekmann, A. F., Buffardi, M., Meng, X., Shin, J., Padmanabhan, A., Cifuentes, D., Giraldez, A. J., Look, A. T., Epstein, J. A.,Lawson, N. D., and Wolfe, S. A.(2011) Evaluation and application of modularly assembled zinc finger nucleases in zebrafish. Development, 138:4555-4564.

Nicoli, S., Knyphausen, C. P., Zhu, L. J., Lakshmanan, A. and Lawson, N. D. (2012) miR-221 is required for endothelial tip cell behaviors during vascular development. Developmental Cell, 22:418-429. PMC3285411.

Gupta, A., Hall, V., Kok, F. O., Shin, M., McNulty, J., Lawson, N. D., Wolfe, S. A. (2013) Targeted chromosomal deletions and inversions in zebrafish. Genome Research, 23:1008-1017.

Villefranc, J. A., Nicoli, S., Bentley, K., Jeltsch, M., Zarkada, G., Moore, J., Gerhardt, H., Alitalo, K., and Lawson, N. D. (2013) A truncation allele in vascular endothelial growth factor c (vegfc) reveals distinct modes of signaling during lymphatic and vascular development.  Development, 140:1497-1506.