Simulation & Experiential Learning

Simulation is the heart and soul of the interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation (iCELS). iCELS has an extensive inventory of manikins, task trainers, virtual and surgical simulators reflecting the latest in simulation technology development.  Simulation is constantly evolving and is being used by more disciplines and specialties every month. From medical students taking their first steps at assessing and treating patients to experienced providers fine tuning and learning new skills, we offer simulation for every learner.

Our team is always ready to collaborate on new projects, we will work with you to develop curriculum, build scenarios, create skills workshops, or just show you how to use our equipment.  From the novice to the expert we can help you to enhance any experiential learning project. 

For a complete listing of iCELS simulation equipment inventory, click here.

 For more information about specific technology, click on one of the directed links below.