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2020 HSHCP Health Disparities Projects

1st Place

"Tuberculosis in Asians"
By Nancy Phan, Valerie Tran, Adhithri Rajaragupathi & Mariela Miron


2nd Place

"Asthma in Black Children"
By Shania Rimpel, Nana Conduah & Enam Fiattor

3rd Place

"Alcoholism in Hispanic Males"

By Ashley Salazar, Fatimah Daffaie & Michelle Chaplain


2020 Awards Received

Deans Special Recognition Award

(Recognized as the student who has been a positive influence and role model for other program participants).

Nery Matias

Great Participation and Effort Award

(Received special recognition by each teacher for great participation and effort).

Biology/Science: Adhithri Rajaragupathi

IS/Technology: Nery Matias

English: Shania Rimpel

Math: Fatimah Daffaie

HSHCP Participant Testimonials

"This program allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and really dive into diffrent careers in the medical field by talking with doctors in different specialties and medical students as well. Being able to sharpen my skills in other core subjects and being able to work with other motivated teens was amazing. This program really made my passion for medicine become stronger."- M.Chaplain

"This rewarding program helped me learn the value of teamwork and gave me a chance to become friends with others interested in the medical field, including my group mates for our health disparities project. I will take the lessons from the classes and the wonderful guest speakers to the future and continue to tresure the fun moments that made the program so worthwhile." V.Tran

"This program is one of a kind, especially for High School students that are considering entering health and medical related fields. You make a ton of friends and you learn so much, it will definitely leave you wanting to explore more and give you a new community that will always support you."-N.Matias

"The High School Health Careers Program helped me to broaden my horizons on career opportunities that I'd never thought about. It also helped me further my passion for medicine and provided skills that I can take with me along my journey. Most importantly, this program helped me see that I need to be confident in myself and to work hard to successfully achieve my goals." A.Lewis

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