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Mission Statement for the Division of General Internal Medicine:

Academic Generalists making a healthier world through compassionate, holistic, and evidence-based care, teaching and research.

Our vision for the Division of General Internal Medicine at UMass Memorial is to:

1. Create a patient centered focus on high quality health care for our patients and communities
Specific goals are to facilitate seamless, individualized, ‘best’ care for our patients

2. Support the career development, skills and professional fulfillment of our faculty
Specific goals are to nurture, empower, appreciate and fulfill our faculty

 3.Support the dedication of our staff to their individual “mission” or calling
Specific goals are to recognize and foster deep commitment to our jobs and foster ‘peace’ within our chosen roles

 4. Facilitate team building and communication within and between our many disciplines
Specific goals are to foster holistic, multidisciplinary care for our patients, as well as a cooperative team of workers in which the sum is greater than its parts

5. Impact patient care, communication and cooperation on our campus

6. Impact the health systems beyond our campus through our work in our local communities as well as our impact on the larger health care community through our nationally recognized research, education and clinical programs

In attaining our vision, we will maintain the following values

  1. Respect diversity in our faculty, staff, trainees, patients and their families.

  2. Ensure integrity, accountability, honesty, truthfulness and open communication in all we do.

  3. Uphold professional standards and ethics in the delivery of services.

  4. Foster a creative work environment that values work as well as humor.

  5. Encourage teamwork, internal and external collaboration and cooperation.

  6. Respect confidentiality and privacy of our faculty, staff, trainees, patients and their families.
  Bruce Weinstein, MD
Interim Division Chief