Applicant Requirements

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in clinical or counseling psychology, or a Psy.D. in clinical psychology, from an APA or CPA approved graduate program. Applicants must have completed, or be currently completing, an APA or CPA approved pre-doctoral internship. Persons applying prior to completion of their graduate degree must provide firm evidence that all requirements for the doctoral degree will be completed prior to the start of the post-doctoral year (September 1, 2018), including a letter to that effect from a thesis advisor or Department head.  

Please download and complete the Application Form, which asks for specific information about experience working with seriously mentally ill adults, and experience with forensic and/or correctional populations. 

Applications should also include a letter of interest, addressed to Dr. Packer, describing your career objectives, including a projection of what you would like to be doing professionally during the years following the fellowship.  This letter should also articulate why you are interested in Forensic Psychology.  We are looking for articulated, genuine answers to these questions.  Please do not simply reiterate your specific practical and internship experiences (which are included on the Application Form), and please do not recite the elements of our program, as we are very familiar with our own program  (e.g., it is not helpful to write: “I am attracted to your program because of the rotations at Worcester and Bridgewater, the Landmark cases seminars, etc.”). 

This letter, accompanied by a completed application form, and a curriculum vitae should be sent by email to:

We also require three letters of recommendation, in addition to the letter from the Department Chair or thesis advisor referenced above (unless one of them also is serving as a reference). At least one of the references should be from the applicant's graduate program, and at least one from the internship. These letters should be sent by email to:

In addition, please request that an official copy of your graduate school transcript be mailed to Dianne Williams at the following address:

Dianne Williams
Law and Psychiatry Program
222 Maple Ave, Shrewsbury MA 01545

Please do not include sample reports. Those applicants invited for interviews will be asked at that time to provide appropriate writing samples.

Applicants seeking answers to questions about the Program not addressed here may wish to contact Ira K. Packer, Ph.D. at:

The deadline for receipt of completed applications is Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

UMMS is participating in the Uniform Acceptance Date (UAD) process for forensic fellowships.  This year, the UAD for forensic fellowships is February 26, 2018.  Although we may make an offer prior to the UAD, we will not require applicants to accept an offer prior to February 26, 2018

Interviews will be conducted for selected candidates on Thursday February 9th and Friday February 10, 2017