Monthly Departmental Research Forums

The department hosts a monthly research forum (coordinated by Judy Savageau, MPH) at which faculty and students are encouraged to present research in progress, new grant ideas, data analysis plans, etc. The goal for these forums is to provide faculty with the necessary feedback and assistance to bring scholarly projects to completion. Listed below are presentations made during the past two academic years (2015-2017)

2016-2017 Department Research Forums

September 16, 2016:
Forum cancelled due to FMCH departmental retreat

October 21, 2016:
Paul Kirby, MA (Center for Health Policy and Research/Office of Clinical Affairs) – “Impact of a Pediatric-focused Medical Home Learning Collaborative on Preventable Emergency Department Visits by Publicly-insured Children in Massachusetts”

November 18, 2016:
Daniel Wemple, MD, PGY-3; Mark Fitzgerald, MD, Ron Adler, MD and Dave Gilchrist, MD (Hahnemann Family Health Center) – “Comprehensive Care Clinic Updates”

December 16, 2016:
Deborah Gurewich, PhD (Center for Health Policy and Research), Robert Seifert, MPA (Center for Health Law and Economics, and Jack Gettens, PhD (Center for Health Policy and Research) – “The ACA in Massachusetts and Implications for Repeal Post Election”

January 20, 2017:
Karen Clements, ScD, MPH (Center for Health Policy and Research) – “Multi-State Evaluation of Uptake of New Hepatitis C Virus Regimens

February 17, 2017:
Xingyue (Star) Wang, MS-IV (Capstone Project presentation; mentored by Suzanne Cashman, ScD) – “Medical Students’ Reflections on Implicit Bias”

March 17, 2017:
Kimberly Lenz, PharmD (Office of Clinical Affairs; Center for Health Policy and Research) and Bonnie Greenwood, PharmD, BCPS (Clinical Pharmacy Services; Commonwealth Medicine) – “An Evaluation of the Change in Average Opioid Dose Before and After Sequential Reductions in MassHealth’s Opioid Limits”

April 21, 2017:
David McCarthy, MS-IV (Capstone Project presentation; mentored by Warren Ferguson, MD and Sai Cherala, MD, MPH) – “Preventing Pediatric Asthma: A Community and Clinical Partnership Approach”

May 19, 2017:
Judy Hsu, DO and Amber Hewitt, PhD“Project ECHO: Moving Knowledge, Not People

June 16, 2017:
Warren Ferguson, MD“Implementation Science of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) of Opioid Use Disorders in 4 Jail and Prison Systems

2015-2016 Department Research Forums

September 18, 2015:
Monika Mitra, PhD and Linda Long-Belil, PhD (Center for Health Policy and Research) – “Understanding Disability-related Disparities in Perinatal Health and Birth Outcomes”

October 16, 2015:
Carole Upshur, EdD and Melodie Wenz Gross, PhD“Preliminary Findings of Kidsteps II: Promoting School Readiness through Social Emotional Skill Building in Preschool”

November 20, 2015:
Deborah Gurewich, PhD (Center for Health Policy and Research) and Robin Clark, PhD“Coordinating Care for Patients with Substance Use Disorders and Primary Care Needs: A Study of Three Centers”

December 18, 2015:
Sai Cherala, MD, MPH (Center for Health Policy and Research) – “Clinical and Community Partnerships: Lessons from the Field”

January 15, 2016:
Carole Upshur, EdD and Kate Sullivan, BA“The Women’s Health Survey: Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Health Among Homeless Women in Primary Care”

February 19, 2016:
Deborah Gurewich, PhD and Michael Chin, MD, MPH (Center for Health Policy and Research) – “Understanding the Remaining Uninsured in Massachusetts”

March 18, 2016:
Melissa Clark, PhD (Center for Health Policy and Research) – Quality of Life Among Breast Cancer Patients with Advanced Disease: Differences by Sexual Orientation?” 

April 15, 2016:
Lee Hargraves, PhD, Debra Bonollo and Elliot Rivera CHWs Using Patient Stories to Support Hypertension Self-management: A Progress Report”

May 20, 2016:
Rebecca Reznik-Zellen and Lisa Palmer (UMMS Lamar Soutter Library) – “Open Access:  What, Why, How?”

June 17,2016:
Bill Shaw, PhD, and Santosh Verma, MD, MPH, ScD (Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety) – “Manage at Work”





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