• Community Health

    Community Health

    Creating innovative partnerships with community stakeholders is woven into the fabric of our mission. Focusing on social determinants of health guides our commitment to promoting good health for all.

  • Clinical Care

    Clinical Care

    Our family medicine clinicians use current transformative methods to promote better health and healthcare at lower costs for our patients, as our department aims to improve the work life in our practices.

  • Global Health

    Global Health

    The global health track uniquely positions our clinicians to meet the challenges of chronic disease by prioritizing sustainability and equitable partnerships with our colleagues in other countries.

  • Integrated Behavioral health

    Integrated Behavioral Health

    All members of the primary care team address the role of behavior in the prevention and management of chronic disease, and respond to patient’s mental health needs. Practices include embedded, multidisciplinary, behavioral health providers.

  • Medical Education

    Medical Education

    Students learn the tenets of family medical at community health centers, small community practices, and clinics around the world. Years 1 and 2 focus on fundamentals and community health issues. During years 3 and 4 students practice the art of caring for patients and their families.

  • Research


    Our Department researchers study a wide range of primary care and community health issues including innovative delivery approaches, interventions for homeless families, and integrated behavioral health and primary care services.

  • Resident Education

    Resident Education

    Interdisciplinary team-based environments are the foundation of learning at the UMass Worcester and Fitchburg family medicine residency programs. Leaders are trained to provide competent patient-centered to diverse populations across the lifespan.

  • Public Health

    Public Health

    Achieving health equity for individuals and populations is achieved through collaborations with communities, job sites, schools, and public health departments. Development of interventions which prevent disease and promote health are key.

Healthy people, families, and communities - with equal access for all!

We pioneer novel programs devoted to clinical care, medical education, research and health policy in Family Medicine and in Community Health, with a special focus on the health of populations who are most at risk. We foster partnerships and collaboration, enhancing and spreading innovations that improve health.

Residency Training

  • Meet our Faculty

  • Meet our Faculty

Fellowship Opportunities


Annual Scholarship Dinner a celebration of student achievement and donor support

Annual Scholarship Dinner a celebration of student achievement and donor support

Scholarships totaling more than $625,000 were awarded to 160 School of Medicine students at the Annual Scholarship Dinner held at UMass Medical School on Oct. 11. 

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