• Behavioral Innervations
  • 3D Dynamic Trajectory Pattern
  • 3D Dynamic Online Engagement
  • Pattern Trend Estimation
  • DISCMIFuzzy Individual Progression & Behavioral Trajectories
  • DISCMIFuzzy Identify Behavioral Trajectory Patterns
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Computational Statistics and Data Science Lab

(Julia) Hua Fang, Ph.D, Associate Professor, PI of Computational Statistics and Data Science (CSDS) lab

The Computational Statistics and Data Science (CSDS) lab aims at developing computational methods, tools and systems for broader health and behavior studies by integrating and advancing the theories and applications of computational statistics, which is a computational science at the interface of statistics and computer science.  The CSDS team includes computational statisticians, computer scientists and computer engineers. Our research collaborators include health professionals, basic scientists, and health service researchers in psychiatry, behavior medicine, emergency medicine, immunology, infectious diseases and health care system. CSDS lab is also collaborating with UConn Center for mHealth and Social Media.

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