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Fellows are actively involved in teaching residents and students. We typically have between 1 to 3 people rotating through the endocrine elective at any given time, and fellows are expected to engage in case-based and bedside teaching for these residents and students. Fellows have been asked to speak at conferences and board reviews for the Department of Medicine residents, various subspecialty divisions, and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. They have served as seminar leaders for second year medical students in the Organs Systems disease course and have participated in the 1.5-year Longitudinal Preceptor Program of the medical school. Fellows have also been asked to deliver lectures for the nurse practitioner program of the UMass Graduate School of Nursing. Finally, some fellows have also given educational talks to various sectors of the Worcester community. Examples include “Healthy Eating” for the Hispanic American Institute’s Healthy Outreach Program, “Diabetes Management in Ramadan” for the local Muslim Community.