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Diversity and Inclusion Office Training Series

Our differences can be the source of creativity, a driver of innovation,  and a means of  growing  our professional competence in better understanding one another and serving  our patients, our students or  our clients and customers.  It can also be a source of tension, misunderstandings, and even complaints and legal action when cultural norms and expectations of professional behavior collide. Medical School and Clinical System Community members need to work toward eliminating illegal discrimination, but compliance to legal requirements and adherence to policy is not enough. Thus, the Diversity and Inclusion Office offers two different educational series that address both compliance and inclusion as enablers of a workplace and culture in which everyone can engage and contribute their best.

To educate the University Community in these policies and expectations  of a cooperate, collegial environment, the Office offers a series awareness building  sessions called  Essentials of a Discrimination Free Workplace.The Essentials of a Discrimination Free Workplace series provides Medical School and Clinical system leaders, managers, faculty and staff  with a basic foundational awareness of legal requirements and institutional policies and procedures as well as practical, actionable ways of preventing and responding to illegal discriminatory behavior.   

However, knowledge of the laws and policies is not enough for diversity to become a driver of excellence. The Essentials of Inclusion Series builds knowledge in critical areas of diversity  and skills in adapting to  and managing in diverse contexts. The Essentials of Inclusion Series provides Medical School and Clinical system leaders, managers, faculty and staff  with knowledge of the science of diversity as well as critical skills for the continuous learning and practice of diversity competence.   

Watch UpNext! for scheduled sessions throughout the year. To bring a program to your department, please contact the Diversity and Inclusion Office at 508.856.2179. 

Essentials of a Discrimination Free Workplace Series:

Preventing and Responding to Sexual and Sex-based Harassment for Managers and Supervisors

Understanding and Responding to Illegal Discrimination in the Workplace - For Managers (part of Manager's Orientation)

Workplace Harassment Prevention for Staff

Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers

Understanding and Providing Disability Accommodations - For Managers

Understanding and Providing Religious Accommodations- For Managers

Title IX: What you need to know about maintaining a sex and gender harassment-free campus 

Essentials of Inclusion Series:

Managing Differences in the Workplace /  Managing Differences in Clinical Sessions

Recruiting Divers

Recruitment and Integration of People with Disabilities for Managers  (Offered in partnership with the CEOD Disabilities Committee)

LGBT Cultural Competence in Health Care

Please contact the Office at 508.856.2179 to arrange a session for your department.