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Laser Dermatology

The University of Massachusetts Dermatology laser program is directed by Mark J. Scharf, M.D. The program utilizes many types of lasers including the following:

  • laser programCarbon Dioxide laser 
  • Pulsed Dye laser (V Beam) 
  • Q switched Ruby laser 
  • Q switched Nd:Yag laser 
  • Long pulsed Nd:Yag laser 
  • Long pulsed Alexandrite
  • Sciton Halo

Lasers are used to treat a variety of skin conditions including the following:

  • Port Wine Stains - in both adults and children 
  • Blood Vessel growths such as telangectasias, hemangiomas, rosacea and spider veins 
  • Warts 
  • Tattoos: amateur, professional and traumatic 
  • Birthmarks 
  • Hair reduction