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Miriam Madsen

UMassMed Faculty Page


Title: Adaptive, Multimodal Communication System for Non-Speaking ICU Patients. UMMS15-54; Patent Pending. 

  • This novel communication system is specifically tailored to patients who are restrained and unable to speak permitting communication about topics of ICU relevance. The system consists of 1) a handheld unit, responsive to multiple types of tactile input, which will be accessible to a patient lying in bed; and 2) a tablet displaying visual output and producing synthesized speech output situated above the bed, visible to the patient and to others in the room. The systems most important feature is that both the hardware and software components of the device are completely adaptable to the patients's physical deficits/impairments which vary substantially. Further, the device also produces tactile feedback, e.g. such as producing vibration when an action is initiated and/or completed, a feature shown to benefit those with disabilities. 


Innovation TopicsMedical DevicesSoftwareCritical careDeep brain stimulationDelirium