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Andrew Karellas

UMassMed Faculty Page


Title: A New Medical Use of Gadoxetate Disodium to Evaluate Cystic Duct Patency Using CT Scan. UMMS14-33; Patent Pending.  

  • A method of diagnosing a condition in a patient experiencing cholecystitis that uses gadoxeate disodium as a contrast agent for making images such as CT scans of the biliary tree and related anatomical structures. The method uses x-ray radiation generated with excitation voltages in the range of 70 KV to 140 KV. The x-ray radiation is preferably filtered to suppress or practically remove x-rays having energy lower than 50.2 KeV. 

Title: Apparatus and Method for X-Ray Contrast Imaging. UMMS12-39; Patent Pending. 

  • The invention pertains to an apparatus and method for x-ray phase contrast imaging that uses a scanning interferometer for the x-ray source, source grating, phase grating and detector grating, with the object being imaged stationary.  Importantly, the apparatus and method does not require movement of the phase or detector grating relative to each other, often referred to as phase-stepping.  

Title: TOMOSYNTHESIS IMAGING. UMMS11-05; Patent 8,817,947

  • This patented technology discloses a system for providing higher quality radiographic, stereoscopic and tomographic images with reduced x-ray dose and operating time to improve patient care. The apparatus includes a high-fluence rate x-ray source and a plurality of satellite x-ray sources operating at lower fluence rate than the high-fluence rate source. A controller controls the operation and locations of the sources, and the operation of a detector. The method provides procedures in which the operation of the high-fluence source and the satellite sources are individually controlled as to location and orientation relative to the object of interest. In some operations, one satellite source may be operating while another satellite source may be repositioning.


Innovation Topics: Diagnostics, ImagingX-rayGallstonesCholecystitisMedical Devices