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Matthew J Gounis





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Title: Method and Application for Vascular Phantoms. UMMS14-11; Patent Pending.

  • This invention provides a novel method of imaging intracranial atherosclerotic disease (ICAD) by creating a 3D vascular phantom based on imaging data of vasculature of a subject. This technology is non-invasive thereby overcoming the significant risk of morbidity and mortality due to catheter angiography, the current gold standard for imaging ICAD. Further, unlike catheter angiography this technology can provide characteristics of the atherosclerotic plaque, vessel wall and information regarding the underlying etiology.

Title: Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Angiography (angioCEST). UMMS13-56; Patent Pending. 

  • The invention provides a novel approach for effective ex vivo and in vivo imaging of blood and establishes the feasibility of blood as an effective agent for Chemical Exchange Transfer Saturation (CEST). The method of the invention is based on the measurement of the labile protons that are associated with various amino acids, proteins, peptides and other molecules that are naturally present in blood. These components are not detectable with currently available clinical MRI sequences, but generate a clear signal by using CEST. MR imaging of blood in vivo remains a major challenge in part because blood flow affects the intensity of MR images in many nonlinear ways that depend both on details of the particular imaging technique and on blood vessel and flow geometry.


Innovation Topics: DiagnosticsMedical DevicesCardiovascular disease/CardiologyIntracranial atherosclerotic disease (ICAD)StenosisStents3D printingImagingAngiographyMRI