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Douglas T Golenbock

UMassMed Faculty Page


Title: Factor H/Fc Chimeric Molecules as Anti-pathogen Immunoadhesins. UMMS15-30, Patent Pending. 

Title: Conditional ASC-citrine Expressing Inflammasome Reporter Mouse. UMMS14-64; Patent Pending. 

  • To facilitate the study of inflammasome activation in vivo, this transgenic mouse expresses fluorescent ASC in the Rosa26 locus. This system contains a knock-in of ASC-citrine gene and a proximal floxed stop site enabling conditional expression in a lineage specific manner by breeding mice with different cre expressing lines.

Title: Use of Cathepsin B Inhibitors for the Treatment of IL-1 Related Diseases. UMMS08-51; Patent Pending.  

  • This innovation describes detailed mechanisms of how immune cells recognize microorganisms (non-self) from host (self). The cytoplasmic receptor complex NALP3 inflammasome has been found to react to a variety of crystals such as silica crystals or cholesterol crystals, all of which were found to require phagocytosis for activation. By inhibiting phagosomal acidification, the inventors were able to prevent activation of NALP3 in the presence of the crystal activators. Understanding these mechanisms may be valuable to research into IL-1 related diseases of sterile inflammation including atherlosclerosis, amyloidosis, Alzheimer silicosis, asbestosis and others.


Innovation TopicsBiologicsInfectious DiseaseNeisseria gonorrhoeaeImmunotherapyDrug resistanceResearch ToolsAnimal ModelsInflammasomeSmall MoleculesIL-1 related diseases of sterile inflammationAtherosclerosisAmyolateral Sclerosis (ALS)Alzheimer's diseasesSilicosisAsbestosis