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Track and Pathway Programs

The UMass Medical School has various pre-and post-matriculation pathways available to applicants including our BaccMD program in partnership with the UMass system, the Health Science Preparation program, our MD specific pathway programs and the PURCH track in partnership with our regional campus at Baystate Health in Springfield, MA. 

If you have any questions regarding the various pathways, please contact the Office of Admissions at or 508-856-2323.

Baccalaureate MD Program

The UMass Baccalaureate MD (BaccMD) Program is a multiphase program that provides selected students from the UMass undergraduate campuses with the opportunity of provisional acceptance into UMass Medical School - School of Medicine. Students who are from racial or ethnic groups underrepresented in medicine nationally and in Massachusetts, who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds or are first-generation college graduates are eligible to apply to the BaccMD program. Students apply to become Medical Scholars, the first phase of the program in the sophomore year. The program offers students a broad range of academic and clinical immersion opportunities, including book clubs, academic and clinical immersion interaction with physicians and medical students, and observations at clinical sites at UMass Memorial Medical Center. These experiences help Medical Scholars develop insight into what is involved in the life of a medical student and health care provider. The selection of applicants to the Medical Scholars Program contributes to the School of Medicine’s diversity goals and educational mission that the student body will be contributing members to a diverse health care work force serving the needs of the commonwealth and the nation, with a focus on primary care and undeserved communities.


The goal of the BaccMD Program is to improve patient outcomes and reduce health disparities by developing a pool of diverse students aspiring to careers in healthcare.


  • Improve the academic skills of Medical Scholars in critical thinking, problem solving, note taking, test taking strategies, time management and decision making
  • Enhance the communication skills of participants through writing, public speaking and mock interviews
  • Mentorship through the medical school admissions process

Please email with any questions or for more information.

Health Science Preparation Program

The Health Sciences Preparatory Program (HSPP) has two specific goals:

  • Enhance student diversity in professional health sciences. 
  • Enhance the educational preparedness of students for participation in health sciences programs.

This program contributes to these goals by providing a curriculum in which each student is taught principles that are foundational to professional health sciences programs in medicine, nursing or biomedical research. The HSPP comprises a year-long curriculum and training experience that combines instruction in the core academic subjects of biochemistry, physiology and epidemiology/biostatistics together with courses focused on professional skills development. 

The result is a cadre of students who are well grounded in disciplines considered essential for competitive admission into and long-term success in professional health sciences programs. The HSPP is designed as a prematriculation program for enrollment in the School of Medicine, but classes are also available to those interested in preparation for enrollment in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences or the Graduate School of Nursing. 

MD Pathways and Tracks

Below is a list of the pathway programs available following matriculation at the UMass Medical School - School of Medicine. Each pathway has its own admissions process and curriculum. Select a pathway for more information.

If you have any questions regarding the MD pathway programs, please contact the Office of Admissions at

UMass Medical School also has the Population-Based Urban and Rural Community Health (PURCH) Track.

If you are interested in the PURCH Track, you will be able to apply to it when completing our secondary application. MD and MD/PhD applicants are welcome to apply to the PURCH Track.