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What We Provide

We have developed central hub that will provide education, as well as laboratory and data to UMass investigators (for validation, discovery, preliminary data, etc.) based on their scientific needs. To form these central “connections”, the Integrative Biomarker Center (InBioC), will link data and groups through,

  1. Advance the science of biomarker development; and
  2. Facilitate the use of biomarkers to understand disease and develop new therapies

We will provide “Seed Money” along with support for investigators to generate data needed for programs, grants, and projects. Initially, these will be awarded in the range of 1-5K.

Seed Money Uses

Seed money can be applied to proteomics or transcriptomics measurement.

  1. Proteomics: We utilize the OLink platform. Each panel will measure 95 predetermined proteins and 95 samples. To see which protein panels are available; please see The approximate cost of this measurement is $5,000. If you don't have this number of samples, projects may be able to be combined.
  2. Transcriptomics: Larger numbers of transcripts can be measured by high-throughput RTqPCR or RNAseq. This includes noncoding and coding RNAs. For inquiries about gene expression, please contact Dr. Tanriverdi.

To understand the cost of using these measurement platforms, please contact us (see below). We will be providing education regarding the data generated and technologies used.  These funds are available to clinical investigators across the 5 UMass Campuses.