About the Facility

Mission Statement

The mission of the Transgenic Animal Modeling Core is to produce genetically-altered mice for the UMASS Medical School Community in a timely and cost-efficient manner. In the last eight years the Core has generated more than 300 different lines of transgenic mice, targeted over 60 genes in mouse ES cells, produced over 120 lines of gene-targeted mice via blastocyst injection, and has cryopreserved over 100 lines of mice for UMASS researchers.


Funding for the Core is derived, in part, from individual investigators' user fees. Acknowledgment of the Transgenic Animal Modeling Core in pertinent manuscripts is greatly appreciated.

Institute Animal Care and Use Committee Approval

Investigators must have the approval of the Institute Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before the Core can initiate production of mice. A "docket number" is issued upon IACUC approval and must be included with the contract agreement. Investigators intending to use the Core to generate mice need not describe the requisite experimental steps in the IACUC protocol application, but rather indicate on the protocol form that the Core will generate the mice. The Core has its own, separate IACUC docket number covering these procedures. Further information regarding the Institute Animal Care and Use Committee and an IACUC protocol application can be obtained by contacting Animal Medicine Intranet site .

Contact the Core

The Transgenic Animal Modeling Core is under the scientific direction of Dr. Stephen Jones. Questions regarding the Core may be directed to stephen.jones@umassmed.edu