Tissue Culture Products

email orders to TissueCulture@umassmed.edu

Questions? Call TCEFS at 508-856-1745.

Need restriction enzymes, DNA/RNA purification kits, PCR reagents, or related products? Head over to the Enzyme Freezer Supply site.

Need tissue culture services or custom media preparation?

Product News

Marker prices

100 bp DNA ladder

NEB, cat. no. N3231S, 100 lanes, list price $56, TCEFS price $45
cat. no. 239035, 100 lanes, list price $140, TCEFS price $82
cat. no. 10488058, 100 lanes, list price $102, TCEFS price $87
cat. no. P1473, 75 lanes, list price $91.70, TCEFS price $90

Medical School Building vending machines now in the Albert Sherman Center!

AS4.2016  Life Technologies Invitrogen (same key - if your lab needs one call X62541)
AS5.2016  NEBnow (registration required - register at the machine or by sending an email to freezers@neb.com; to view product selection)
AS6.2016  Qiagen (same key - same as Invitrogen key - if your lab needs one call X62541)
AS7.2016  Roche RPS (Roche has discontinued their remote freezer program)
AS8.2016  BioRad Now available! (view product selection)
AS9.2016  Promega Helix (for registration and a Helix card contact the Promega representative Michael Wieland at michael.wieland@promega.com)




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