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The Pacific Biosciences RS Instrument is here !


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Current Sample Ticket is Here (Current Sample Ticket)


Drop off locations and information is on the DSCL page

Sample preparation information and the FAQ are (here)

UMMS and HHMI-NE users may register for the PacBio Portal tools 


The UMassMed PacBio Core Enterprise instrument has been upgraded to an RSII.

This includes longer reads and a wider capture area (more reads!). Prices remain the same!


Useful Information for users:

SMRTANALYSIS SOFTWARE is available for UMassMed users on HPCC
Go to /share/apps/smrtanalysis-2.0  for command-line access
The SMRT PIPE Manual is available at 


Direct Detection of DNA Methylation During Single-Molecule, Real-Time Sequencing


Characterization of DNA methyltransferase specificities using single-molecule, real-time DNA sequencing











Direct Detection and Sequencing of Damaged DNA Bases  

Validation of ITD mutations in FLT3 as a therapeutic target in human acute myeloid leukaemia.

Going beyond five bases in DNA Sequencing. 
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